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The Training Programmes offered by Ventura Institute of Biosciences are completely practical oriented, providing the key concepts and high-end principle level protocols which ultimately results in trainees getting acquainted with the sophisticated equipment and the ability to interpret the experimental data. Most importantly, our courses provide an opportunity for the trainees to apply theoretical knowledge in hands-on practice sessions in our cutting-edge laboratories.

Presentations, seminars, debates and assignments are all part of the training programmes to develop the communication and presentation skills.

The Training Programmes offered by Ventura Institute of Biosciences

Who can apply?
Students, doing their graduation/post graduation looking to enhance their knowledge power, Fresh graduates looking at a career in the world of biotechnology, industry professionals looking at growing their careers or developing specialized skill sets, and industry looking at growing skill sets of its personnel.

How to Apply?
Download the application form, fill in the required details, write an application mentioning the reason for training and the batch you want to join (for details, call or e mail us) and send us with an amount of Rs 200/- + 50% of the total fee (for the fee structure, call or e-mail us) and send it to,

16-11-20/13/4/1/ABC, OPP. SRO OFFICE
HYDERABAD - 500036

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Ventura Institute of Bio Sciences
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